Gerlinde Schuller is head of The World as Flatland, an information
design studio based in Amsterdam (NL). She is specialized in
systematic design and visual journalism.

She studied Visual Communication at the Academy of Art and Design,
Offenbach am Main (D)
. Before she started her own studio, she worked
at Cartlidge Levene Design, London (UK) and Irma Boom Office,
Amsterdam (NL).

Besides working on commissions for international clients, Schuller
teaches information design and writes about the discipline. From 2001

to 2005, she taught information design at the Willem de Kooning
Academy, Rotterdam (NL).

In her own publications she focuses on examining complex subjects
by creating experimental visual systems. Schuller is author of
the systematic book Designing universal knowledge (2009) and
co-author of Making the Impossible Possible (2006) and
Amsterdam in documents (2011)