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‘Designing Universal
Knowledge is one of those
books you often come back
to, not only because of its
innovative and universal
content, but also because of its original structure and
visual attractiveness.’

I am a visual journalist
Gerlinde Schuller interviewed by Euikyung Kim

Published by the Korean magazine Monthly Design, September, 2010

Interactive world trip
Gerlinde Schuller interviewed by Kim Baer

Published by Information Design Workbook,
Rockport Publishers, May 2008
Information design and
ystematic thinking
Gerlinde Schuller interviewed by Bianca Sun

Published in the Chinese book 'Graphics Decoding – Information Design', Tsinghua University Press, 2011

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Van big bang tot Obama's hondje
Jan Pieter Ekker

Published by Dutch newspaper Het Parool,
April 2010
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‘By focusing on the specific case study of the Brand hall,
Making the Impossible Possible investigates the power dreams
can have to initiate business plans, draw capital investment
and government backing, and impact public opinion.

Utilizing a non-traditional structure and relying on their visual
arts and design backgrounds, the authors are able to present a
fully realized portrait of this unique hall, the two functions it has
served, and the impact its presence has had on the local and
national psyche in a way that is both informative and critical.
Their critical approach, however, is one that asks the reader to
be active – to make connections and draw conclusions on his
or her own, or maybe with some gentle prodding – rather than
as the passive recipient of the authors’ opinions. And while the
information is mostly factual and documentary, it is presented
through the subjective lens of the authors’ experiences and
Review >
Making the Impossible Possible – Book
The dream of flying, the dream of paradise
Andrew Finegold

Published by The Art Book, Volume 15, Issue 4,
November 2008
Interview >
The Visual Repertoire of Obama's Run
for the White House – Interactive project
Interview >
Filter the world – Interactive project
Een wand vol universele kennis
Gerlinde Schuller interviewed by Botte Jellema

Broadcasted by VPRO De Avonden,
February 2010

Reviews and interviews >
Designing universal knowledge – Book
The making of 'Designing universal

Gerlinde Schuller interviewed by Greg J. Smith

Published by Serial Consign, May 2009
Reviews and interviews >
Infodecodata – Exhibition
The self-defined internet
Massimo Marra

Published by DOMUS, #923, March 2009
The network structure of Obamania
Gerlinde Schuller interviewed by Nader Vossoughian

Published by Volume, Architecture of Hope, #19,
April 2009
Filling the gap between a print
encyclopedia and hypertext

Robert Blinn

Published by Core77, May 2009
The kind of book you read from
cover to cover
Greg J. Smith

Published by Serial Consign, April 2009
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Known Universe
David Crowley

Published by Creative Review, March 2009
Google knows your curtain
Gerlinde Schuller interviewed by Johan van Looveren

Published in 'Thoughts on Designing Information',
Lars Müller Publishers, 2015

Explosies van informatie
Annelies Vlaanderen

Published by Dutch newspaper BN de Stem,
February 2010

‘The book is so full of inter-
esting content that while it
doesn't answer all of the
questions that it poses, it
does provide a good jumping
off point.’
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‘Schuller has undoubtedly created
a gorgeous text with an engaging
layout, smart typography and well-
selected accompanying photographs

and illustrations, but the true merit
of the book is not as a design object
but as
a brilliant consideration of the
intersection of information and culture.’
‘The book introduces
quality into the great mass
of information, in a sphere
in which the hub of online
the renowned
Wikipedia, is developed
partly with contributions
from all its users, without
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‘In this brilliant book one can detect
veins both of ‘protestant’ asceticism
(systems, simplicity) and permissive,
anti-authoritarianism (computer
hacking, freedom of speech).
This, of course, is less a sign of
phrenia than of the plurality
which the form of the encyclopedia
Van woord naar beeld
Tracy Metz

Published by Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad,
April 2010
How information design and
visual journalism melt together
Bart Brodzki

Published by UvA Masters of Media, September 2010

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‘Ik heb materiaal verzameld,
interviews gedaan, en
vervolgens een systeem
bedacht om mijn verhaal
te vertellen. Net zoals
journalisten dat doen.
Alleen is mijn verhaal altijd
een beeldverslag.’
Naarmate de overdaad aan
informatie en data toeneemt
wordt ‘kennis’ meer een
kwestie van snelheid en
veelheid dan van inzicht
en begrip, zegt Schuller.
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Van 1990 tot nu is de ontwikkeling in
informatievoorziening- en verbeelding
als het ware geëxplodeerd en via
wetenschap en design vele kanten
uitgewaaierd. Het einde is nog niet in zicht. Schuller durft wel te speculeren
over wat de volgende grote informatie-
mijlpaal zou kunnen zijn: 'Een goed
functionerend vertaalprogramma.'
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